Wednesday is World Day!


Explore a different country every block

Explore a country's culture, language, food and work together to create a show!

End Presentation

Each block ends with a presentation of the work in the form of whatever the children come up with. Family and friends are invited to come and enjoy, take part and see what the children have focussed on that block. 

Art & Culture

This course is designed to open up the children’s curiosity about the world. When a new block starts, the children have a big say in what aspects of the culture they are going to explore and learn about. Source material will be available and what the specific topic is depends completely on what the country has to offer. From clothing to visual arts, from customs to traditions; it is all possible. The team works towards a goal and performing/presenting their own version of and reactions to that culture. 


Each block we start with some songs. Learning the musicality of a language helps get that language in the body. We continue with playful, structured and communal methods of learning including songs, role play, games and puzzles. Emphasis will be put on Speaking and Understanding. This exploration of the language is not designed to teach the language as such but to open up the children to the different sounds and musicality of the language and to discover what it means to learn a language. 



Most weeks we cook a dish from that country together. We democratically decide which recipe we present and dish up at the presentation at the end of the block.


Performing Arts

This will form a big part of the communal activities and feature heavily in the presentation at the end. We will be learning songs, listening to music, researching and exploring dance styles, performance types, historical forms, etc. 


Moignes Court




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