Tuesday is Science/Nature Day!



Playful, yet structured methods of learning by observation, description and knowledge. Emphasis will be studying the world around us through physical experimentation.

Our changing seasons give us an amazing visual display of wildlife and environmental biology, for example weather changes, metamorphosis, photosynthesis, and migrating/hibernating wildlife. 

In a ‘nutshell’ we encompass biology, chemistry and physics throughout our sessions. 


Outdoor cooking & foraging

Each session we will cook a delicious meal over an open fire using seasonal and where possible foraged ingredients. Children will learn how to light their own fires safely utilising their bushcraft skills, prepare ingredients, learn measurements, and understand nutrition.

This is one of our main communal times as we all like to create and eat together just like at home except it doesn’t matter so much if you’re a messy chef

Wild art projects

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist one we grow up.” (Pablo Picasso)

Using organic and/or recycled material we’ll be creating wild art pieces during each session. From paintings to sculptures, large installations to tiny masterpieces or land art, we have endless inspiration and resources.

Moignes court has some amazing residential artists with Alex Cree a renowned professional painter, Kim and Rob from Neith art are both professional sculptors. Both of whom will visit us for some inspiration and creative guidance.

Bushcraft and survival skills

Throughout children will learn and develop their essential survival skills by learning how to safely use tools, build and light fires, construct shelters, outdoor food cooking/preparing, foraging, basic first aid, map reading.  

Playful adventures

Most sessions the children will get to decide where they would like to go, creating “field trips of their own design.”  For example the playground garden is where some of the best dungeons and dragon’s games can be had (imaginary play is important to us!).  Whilst being surrounded by nature it is natural for children to want to know what things are and we encourage this as curiosity is great for stimulating young minds.


Appropriate Risk Taking

During our outdoor sessions participants are encouraged to make sensible and informed decisions (depending on age and ability of the child) opportunities to take an appropriate level of risk are given in order to push the boundaries of individuals.

Children who are experienced and confident about taking chances rebound well when things don’t work out at first. These children become resilient and will try again until they master a situation or wisely avoid it.

Holistic Development

We think that all children should be given the opportunity to reach their own potential.  Everything we do here at IMP is designed to develop holistic learning and well being, in a community that prides itself on individuality.

Learning new skills in a natural environment enables the children to have a real sense of achievement by giving all everyone the chance to succeed.

We believe that children need the time and space to develop and follow their natural curiosity with lots of great hands-on experiences.

With acres of open space;  a natural adventure playground, private ancient woodlands, open fields and wildlife gardens – Moignes Court is the perfect place for children to engage all their senses and turn the world into their own ‘classroom’ during our 6 week journey.

Our educational approach focuses on children’s’ personal, social and emotional development through seasonal real-life experiences; encouraging children to follow their passions and explore different subjects that interest them.

Exploration of the natural world

The calming outdoor environment provides us with the idyllic setting to promote health and physical activities, whilst understanding wildlife and eco systems.


What’s so ‘great’ about the ‘Great Outdoors’?  The fact that there are no doors!  

Everyone in their own unique way has a passion for being outside whether it’s exploring unfamiliar places or just being allowed to be as loud as you want.



Moignes Court




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