How Much Does is Cost?

Pay as you go: £20 per day for one off's or

£15 per day when you book for 6 weeks

The Autumn 2019 term of the Inspired Mind Project will available as individual pay as you go sessions £20 per day (per child for one IMP day 11 am - 3 pm).


There are only 15 places available on each day so it is essential to contact us as soon as you have decided to join us to see if we can offer you a place.


If you decide to join and want to commit to pay for a half term block of sessions in advance the price is reduced to £15 a day.

Your child's place will be only be reserved for as long as you decide to keep paying.

Dates of I.M.P days 2019

Dates are Nature/Science day

Tuesday 11th November 2019

Tuesday 18th November 2019

Tuesday 25th November 2019 

Tuesday 2nd December 2019

Tuesday 9th December 2019

Tuesday 16th December 2019 (Christmas Special)


Dates of World day are

Wednesday 11th November 2019

Wednesday 18th November 2019

Wednesday 25th November 2019 

Wednesday 2nd December 2019

Wednesday 9th December 2019

Wednesday 16th December 2019 (Christmas Special)

Other Requirements

Every family is asked if possible to offer 1 hours as we have lots of jobs that we have to do to keep the play garden looking nice.

Helping can be in the form of gardening, helping with publicity or admin, cleaning, mowing, chopping wood and other jobs that need to be done to keep the project running smoothly.


Any help you can give would be greatly received!!


Moignes Court




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