Dizzi offers Entrepreneurship for Kids!

What is  an entreprenure?

The simple definition of an entrepreneur is a person who focuses their creativity into making a business. In real terms it's an exciting adventure into the unknown, fuelled by your passion to create. 


Someone who bakes cakes and sells them at a market is an entrepreneur.

Someone who looks out for opportunities to make money using their creative talents is a entrepreneur. 

Heres a whole list of possible ways to become a successful entrepreneur

Buying and selling things on Ebay, hosting concerts, plays, exhibitions putting on events, making crafts to sell, making food for markets and cooking in pop up restaurants, doing odd jobs for the local community, making videos for youtube and writing a blog.

Entrepreneurship training offered at I.M.P 

I offer all the children at I.M.P full  training in the steps to be taken to become a successful business person. Do what you love every day for a job as a creative self employed person!

The areas we cover in this entrepreneurship training are


One to One coaching

Each child in the IMP get’s a one to one entrepreneurship coaching session (the whole family are welcome too) We will look at the child’s unique skills to see how they can be utilised to make an income doing things they love.

Film Making

I will be making a documentary about IMP and what we do here at Moignes Court. Involving the participants in the content and editing process with the goal of showing the world how home educated children can thrive and become self-employed creators from an early age.

Financial Management

Learning good book keeping skills and specialist tools for generating wealth. Understanding bank statements, tax returns. Profit, loss, net, and gross. Learning how to make financial management fun as you watch your profits grow!

Social media

I teach the children who have a specific interest in social media how to start their own blogs, vlogs and websites sharing their progress with family and friends


Live events

Teach the children how to promote, market and organise IMP events, concerts, Fetes, Exhibitions

How to sell tickets online and gather a mailing list.


Online Courses

The entrepreneurship group workshops will be filmed and edited into an online video course that can be used by other educators around the world. This in itself will be a small business which funds even more cool stuff going on at IMP. The Imp workshops will be case studies for the online course that will be an inspirational education resource for others. 



The group workshops will be taught in blocks of 6 weeks and will cost £150 per child.


The workshop blocks will be in the areas of

How to build a website using Wix

Buying and selling on Ebay

Creating a youtube Vlog channel.

Using facebook group to teach online courses

Making Crafts/cakes to sell

Putting on a concert/Exhibition

Money Management, banks, accounts.


These workshops will be in addition to World day and Nature/Science day.


All money raised from the I.M.P entrepreneur projects will go back I.M.P to fund and expand the facilities we have available. for example we would like to purchase 15 iPads for IMP members to use to create their own blogs and research projects.

Private one to one and whole family coaching sessions  are also available by private appointment.



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