Dizzi Cree

Hi Im Dizzi Cree!


My love of entrepreneurship began at the age of 6 when I made a ‘machine’ that told jokes for money. I earned 14p on my first day! 

As a teenager I spent time performing, entering talent competitions and touring as a professional actress. I traveled the country and during this time performed at Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury Festival

My Twenties

In my early twenties I moved to London where I began busking for a living playing hand drums and being a ‘living statue’. Busking opened up many opportunity’s for me and I became the resident percussionist for several nightclubs and session musician for many bands. 


It was at this time that I discovered the hammered dulcimer and saved up to buy my first one. I spent a lot of my twenties learning to play the dulcimer. Alongside this I also trained as a jewellery technician making Swarovski Crystal necklaces for celebrities and also trained as a mosaic artist with Alex Thynne, nephew of Lord Bath, working on large installations for Lord Bath's Quarters at Longleat House, Somerset.


My Thirties

When I hit my thirties I became an entrepreneur full time. I started several businesses trying to find one that would give me financial freedom. These included starting an eBay shop, buying and selling cars, setting up a youtube channel and offering chocolate fountains dessert experiences at weddings.


I taught myself to build websites and built my own dulcimer shop website. My website www.dulcimershop.co.uk has had over £200,000 worth of sales since it started in 2007 selling my ‘dizzi signature’ range of instruments plus my own educational DVDs, CDs and sheet music.


My dulcimer youtube channel has become super successful. In 2019 my youtube channel had over 7.5 million views and 12,000 subscribers.

Through the channel I have had offers of work all around the world performing the dulcimer at music events. My music has been played on mainstream TV, radio and film. 

I have represented the UK at the World Dulcimer Congress in Mexico and Hungary.


Aged 32 I decided to expand my music recording knowledge so I applied to Bath Spa University and achieved a foundation degree in Music production and a full BA Degree in Commercial Music. 


As part of my course I needed to start a new business so I took on the lease of a pub with accommodation and ran it as a music venue with residential workshops, special events and community clubs for the duration of my degree. I learnt a lot about running a larger sized business with many aspects including online bookings, promotion and marketing.


At 34 I met my husband Ralph and took a few years off to have our children who are currently 3 and 5 years old.


My Forties

I am now 40 and back in action mode! I have just completed an online dulcimer course while my 3 other current businesses include 4 Airbnb rental properties, venue hire, Dulcimer sales/tuition and the Inspired Mind project!



Entrepreneurial Consultant

I'm looking forward to using my entrepreneurial skills to help children in the Inspired Mind Project realise there are many alternative choices to becoming an employee. With the help of the internet anyone can create a business following their creative inspiration and sharing their skills with other people! To learn more about what Dizzi will be offering to the Inspired Mind Project CLICK HERE



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