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Innovative. Masterful. Practictioners.

I.M.P. is a Drop-off Home Education Class that provides extra curricular activities for children aged 5 -16 years old. We run 2 days a week Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 am - 4 pm.

We are located at Moignes Court, Owermoigne, Dorset.

We have 15 places available and the price is £30 a day pay as you go or £25 a day if you pay half termly. 

Cheesy chip day

We walked up to the bender in Martins wood. We had a candle lit in a jar and read a story together called Beedle the Bard and discussing ...

The Inspired Mind Project  I.M.P is run by Innovative Masterful Practitioners. 

It is held in an Incredible Meeting Place 

at Moignes Court, Owermoigne, Dorset DT2 8HY.

We create Individualised Mentoring Programs. 

This leads to Imaginative Magical Play.
 Combining this with Inventive Methodical Practices 

We enable kids to become Independent Motivated People!

Penny Levicree, Jenny Mueller and Dizzi Cree! We are CRB checked, inspiring and experienced project leaders who offer educational activities for home educated children.

We offer 2 days a week of Extra curricular activities for Home educated Children aged 5-16. 

Each day is from 11 am - 3 pm. We allow parents to drop their children off knowing they are safe and having fun in a social and educational environment.  

Click here for Enrolment forms and information on whats required to join the Inspired Mind Project!

Fees are £15 a day per child payable in half termly blocks.

or £20 a day for one off drop in's

Want to know more? have some questions?. Just send us an email at or give us a call 01305 853479 to arrange a visit!

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Moignes Court




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